| Media release

Swissgrid issues more corporate bonds

Swissgrid Ltd successfully placed two additional bonds on 20 August 2021. Their volume totals CHF 210 million.

After successfully accessing the capital market three times last year, Swissgrid was able to place two additional bonds on 20 August 2021. These comprise CHF 110 million respectively CHF 100 million; one with a coupon of 0.05% and a term of 11.75 years and another with a coupon of 0.20% and a term of 18.75 years. The bonds will be listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The income from these bonds will be used to partially refinance the convertible loans that Swissgrid shareholders extended to the company as part of the transfer of the transmission grid, to partially settle the final remuneration for the transferred transmission grid as well as to finance ongoing investments. The bonds complement the maturity profile of Swissgrid’s liabilities.

Swissgrid will continue to access the capital market as required in future in order to fulfil its role and guarantee grid security in the long term.




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