IT & Telecommunications

Our specialists in IT & Telecommunications are responsible for operating and developing Swissgrid’s applications and IT infrastructure as well as all its communication solutions. As the backbone of our company, they ensure that the systems for the operation of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid function reliably and meet the highest safety standards. These specialists work at the interface between IT and the customers from the different business units – and in the course of transformation projects, they also share responsibility for ensuring that the company is perfectly prepared for the electricity system of the future.

Data Engineer Job Portrait

My aim is to analyse data with the latest processes in order to constantly improve our work.

Gianluca Bergami, Data Engineer

As a prospective Doctor of Hydrology, Gianluca Bergami applied for a job with us as part of a career change. He was nonetheless quickly able to contribute his specialist knowledge effectively in his role as a data engineer. Since then his area of responsibility has included adapting the modelling of the extra-high-voltage grid, for which he works with complex programs that simplify and automate the preparation and validation of the grid model and save a great deal of time. This produces large quantities of data, which Gianluca checks, optimises and homogenises. Gianluca is also his department’s training supervisor, and as such, he makes an important contribution to ensuring that Swissgrid employees can continue to deliver top quality and reliability.

Project Portfolio Manager Job Portrait

In my role I am a communicator through and through, collecting, reviewing, restoring and presenting information.

Florian Ahr, Project Portfolio Manager

Florian Ahr’s job profile covers two areas of responsibility. Firstly, he supervises transformation projects at the interface between IT and the business units. In this role he is responsible for compiling and managing the project portfolio, as well as for providing the appropriate project management tools. In this context he acts as the link between the line organisations in IT and the business units, as well as the project teams. In his second role, Florian assumes the function of an internal advisor and ensures that strategies in the field of ICT are correctly developed and communicated.

Project Manager Job Portrait

I like my dual role. It allows me to play an active part both in project management and in engineering.

Pierre-Yves Cosandey, Project Manager

Almost every Swissgrid project has common ground with IT. As an IT Project Manager, Pierre-Yves Cosandey is responsible for the success of specific IT projects. Alternatively, he shares responsibility as a sub-project manager for the overall success of company-wide projects – from initial ideas and detailed planning to final execution. His most important tasks include coordination among the individual project participants and communication to the project stakeholders; his goal is always to deliver promptly, within the set budget and with the desired quality. In addition to project management, regularly contributing his specialist knowledge is important for Pierre-Yves. This helps ensure that the technical skills remain at the highest level across different projects.

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