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Consultation on the Transmission Lines Sectoral Plan and the Study on the Reorganisation of the High-Voltage Grids

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), in partnership with the Canton of Ticino, Swissgrid (SG), Azienda elettrica ticinese (Electric Company of Ticino - AET) and the Swiss Federal Railways (FFS) held two public meetings on 1 June in Ambrì and 2 June in Cavergno. Their purpose was to present two procedures: PSE 106 Airolo – Lavorgo and PSE 109 All’Acqua – Vallemaggia – Magadino, both of which are under public consultation from 26 May to 31 July 2015. During these two informative evenings, Swissgrid and its partners also explained the basics of the «Study on the Reorganisation of the High-Voltage Grids», on which the two PSE procedures are based.




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