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Swissgrid appoints Yves Zumwald as its Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of Swissgrid has appointed Yves Zumwald (48), the former Head of business unit Grid, as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Zumwald has been the interim CEO since Pierre-Alain Graf resigned in September 2015.

Adrian Bult, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swissgrid, is pleased by the appointment: «Yves Zumwald is the ideal choice for our CEO position. With his strong business track record, excellent contacts in the electricity industry and the political arena, and profound knowledge of the energy business in general and grid operation and infrastructure in particular, he will lead Swissgrid into an era of consolidation and further development after a period of vigorous growth and grid takeovers. He will guide our efforts to create the right environment to safely and efficiently operate, maintain and expand the transmission grid. The focus in this regard will be on executing the measures laid out in the ‘Strategic Grid 2025’ for modernizing the extra-high-voltage grid. It will also be important to maintain and improve our longstanding, successful integration with the European electricity system.»

Yves Zumwald has been a Member of the Executive Board and the Head of business unit Grid since January 2014, where he successfully oversaw the integration of the extra-high-voltage grid following its takeover and laid the groundwork for focused infrastructure improvements. He is an electrical engineer with a long technical and management career in the energy industry. In 2002, he was put in charge of grid utilisation and grid access at EOS Holding. He held that position until 2005, when he joined the Executive Board of EOS Réseau and ran the Infrastructure department. In 2009, he joined Romande Energie as its Sales Director, where he grew the business division and improved its processes while maintaining an excellent quality of supply.

Zumwald will continue to manage business unit Grid until a new division head is found.

For CVs and photos of the Executive Board members, please visit Executive Board.




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