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Romanel station - Awarding of building permits for phase two of renovation work

In February and March 2016, the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI) granted the building permits for phase two of the renovation work at the Romanel station.

With no objections raised to the building permits granted by the ESTI, Swissgrid and Lausanne Industrial Services (SiL) will start the modernisation of their installations in April 2016.

During the first phase of work conducted over the past two years, Swissgrid's 220 kV overhead station was dismantled and replaced by a new Swissgrid 220 kV GIS installation. The phase two work will be performed on the site cleared by the dismantling of the 220 kV overhead station:

  • For Swissgrid, this is the construction of two new buildings which will accommodate a new 380 kV GIS installation and a new 380/220 kV transformer.
  • For Lausanne Industrial Services (SiL), this is the construction of a new building which will accommodate a new 125 kV GIS installation, new 220/125 kV transformers and a medium-voltage coupling station, replacing the former 125 kV installations and 220/125 kV transformers currently in service.

The installations of the Romanel switching station dating back to the 1930s and 1960s need to be modernised and adapted to meet current needs. The renovation work covered by these building permits will take place over the space of three years. The third and final phase of the work currently in the process of approval by the authorities will see the construction of new 132 kV installations by SBB on the site freed up by the current Lausanne Industrial Services (SiL) installations.

The Romanel station is of considerable importance to Romandy. This work will guarantee and improve the security of the electricity supply and of rail traffic within the Lemanic Arc.



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