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Digitisation of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid

The documentation of the extra-high-voltage grid with all lines and substations must be updated on a regular basis to ensure the right data is always available for planning, construction and maintenance activities, as well as the duty of disclosure in relation to the route surroundings.

Due to technological developments, Swissgrid will be focussing on an end-to-end digital solution for the next update for the first time ever. Specifically, this means the lines and substations will be recorded three-dimensionally with the help of digital aerial surveys and the latest scanning technologies.

A helicopter will be used for this purpose. It will fly along the lines and record the following images and data:

  • three-dimensional scans of the line corridors with a width of 200 m (airborne laser scanning). The substations will also be recorded.
  • Orthophotos and infrared recordings of the same corridors
  • Oblique images of the pylons

The laser data and aerial surveys will be classified and vectorised. The lines, pylons, terrain, objects and vegetation will be allocated systematically to the recorded «point clouds». Following this, the data will be supplemented with technical specifications and turned into 3D line models. These digitised models will serve as the basis for line calculations, analyses and simulations.

The aerial surveys for stage 1 will be completed from August to October in 2017 and for stage 2 from April to July in 2018 on days with minimal wind and no rain. A survey flight is needed to record all of the data along the corridor. The helicopter flies at a height of between 200 m and 300 m above ground at a speed of around 50 km/h.

The data and image material will used only for line modelling, condition analyses and simulations. They will also help Swissgrid to fulfil its duty of disclosure in relation to the route surroundings. The provisions of the Data Protection Act will be complied with.

For further information, please contact Swissgrid’s project team on info@swissgrid.ch or call +41 58 580 21 11.



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