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Early calls for tenders for control power 2018

As part of its winter plan for 2017/2018, Swissgrid has decided to procure control power to be supplied in spring 2018 in early calls for tenders. They concern secondary (SRL) as well as positive and negative tertiary control power (TRL+, TRL-) and cover part of Swissgrid's need for control power.

The biddings will be conducted in one single tranche in autumn 2017 and relate to weekly products to be supplied in calendar weeks 10 to 19 (beginning of March to mid-May) in the year 2018. The volume to be procured amounts to 265 MW for SRL, 100 MW for TRL+, and 100 for TRL-.

Swissgrid reserves the right to adjust the volume of TRL+ based on developments in energy markets.

Details on the biddings can be found in Swissgrid's specialist portal.



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