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Further development of Swissgrid asset management

Swissgrid's Strategy 2022 provides for the further development of asset management. The consolidation phase which Swissgrid  is going through since the takeover of the assets in 2013 is largely concluded. What matters now is to adjust asset management towards future requirements.

Swissgrid faces some major challenges in the implementation of Strategic Grid 2025. To deal with these challenges, capacities will be increased both in the renovation and expansion of the transmission grid as wells as in its maintenance. In concrete terms this means that there will be clearer differentiation between the tasks carried out by service providers and those carried out by Swissgrid. Swissgrid will assume additional roles, above all in the areas of construction supervision, project planning and health, safety & environment (HSE). Furthermore Swissgrid will ensure to provide the necessary skills in the critical areas of protection and control technology.

By taking these steps, the originally defined «Business Model 3» («Asset Shaper») will now be effectively implemented. «Business Model 5» («Asset Service Provider») is to be introduced in the area of Substation Automation Systems (SAS). This means that Swissgrid will, on the one hand, assume direct control of all services, and on the other, will perform core services itself.

Details and specific measures of the implementation will be worked out in the next few months.



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