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Transmission Code and Balancing Concept

Two key industry documents enter into force

The intensive, effective collaboration between the technical experts from the electricity industry and Swissgrid‘s specialists was well worth the effort. The new Transmission Code and Balancing Concept have been approved by the VSE Board and enter into force on 7 May 2020.

The Transmission Code and the Balancing Concept are key electrical industry documents from Swissgrid. They both translate the regulatory requirements of Swiss legislation and those of the EU Network Codes for the Swiss transmission system and for its users. The documents are thus aimed at the operators and owners of the distribution systems and power plants which are connected to the transmission grid, as well as end consumers and other market players. The Transmission Code and the Balancing Concept have been revised in collaboration with representatives of the electricity industry. Around 4,000 changes have been made.

The Balancing Concept describes how the power market and balance group management work in Switzerland, and in particular the interface between Swissgrid and the balance group managers.

The Transmission Code describes the interfaces between Swissgrid and the system operators connected to the transmission grid (power plants and distribution systems) and market players (balance group managers and ancillary service providers). It includes principles and requirements relating to grid planning, grid connection, grid operations, disturbance management, ancillary services and balance group management. It serves as the basis to ensure that Swissgrid concludes legally compliant operational contracts with the industry and can continue refining its business processes.



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