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Publication of the third report on the regional Generation Adequacy Assessment

The report contains the main outcomes of the third edition of the «Pentalateral Generation Adequacy Assessment (PLEF GAA 3.0)». The study was conducted by the transmission system operators (TSOs) of the seven countries that cooperate in the «Pentalateral Energy Forum (PLEF)» on behalf of their respective ministries. The cooperating countries are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The PLEF is a forum for regional cooperation in Central/Western Europe that is focused on better integrating the electricity markets and improving the security of supply. Switzerland is represented in the PLEF by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) as well as Swissgrid. The Swiss Electricity Commission (ElCom) has an observer status.

The study is based on the assumptions of the current «Mid-term Adequacy Forecast (MAF)», which was published by ENTSO-E at the end of 2019 and adds further sensitivities. One sensitivity involved the analysis of the effects of a low availability of cross-border capacities in Switzerland on supply, while another tested the consequences of lower capacities at the nuclear power plants. These analyses made an important contribution to this third regional security of supply study for testing the resilience of the region.

For Switzerland, the base scenario for the investigated time frame until 2025 does not reveal any relevant supply bottlenecks.




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