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APG joins Equigy

Welcome APG! Swissgrid is delighted that the Austrian transmission system operator is joining the crowd balancing platform.

With the joining of APG, Equigy, the blockchain-based crowd balancing platform, is intensifying collaboration at the European level. Equigy creates a standardisation procedure for the integration of small, local units into the grid control process. The platform thus makes a significant contribution to grid stabilisation and increases efficiency in the control energy market. Cooperation between the transmission system operators does in fact make it possible to create a large market for flexible resources. It creates the conditions needed to enable manufacturers of electric vehicles, batteries and other technologies, and hence operators and aggregators, to pre-qualify for this market more easily. The approach is open to operators and aggregators and can thus also be applied to traditional technologies. All members of the joint venture can benefit from the transfer of knowledge and cost sharing as development continues.

Following Tennet (DE/NL), Terna (IT) and Swissgrid (CH), another important partner in the form of Austrian transmission system operator APG is now also joining Equigy. Both parties can benefit from this development: On the one hand, APG can access a tool which is already well-established. On the other hand, all the experience accumulated in Austria from its country-specific flexibility platform is now also at the disposal of Equigy.



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