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Next step towards integrating decentralised energy resources into grid and ancillary services

Eight Swiss electricity companies are planning a joint market where transmission and distribution system operators can procure ancillary services from flexible, decentralised energy resources. They have launched a project for this purpose.

How can transmission and distribution system operators use flexible, decentralised energy resources, such as batteries, to ensure a stable operation of the grid? Azienda Elettrica di Massagno (AEM), CKW, ewz, Groupe E, Primeo Energie, Romande Energie, St.Galler Stadtwerke (sgsw) and Swissgrid are investigating this question in a joint project. Its aim is to develop a concept and market design that improves the scalability and efficiency of coordination between transmission system operators, distribution system operators and ancillary services providers.

In December 2022, Swissgrid and ewz successfully completed a pilot project to establish coordination between transmission system operators and distribution system operators for the use of decentralised energy resources. While the pilot project was based on a simple, rule-based coordination mechanism suitable for small-scale demonstration, the next step consists of detailing and improving the concept in terms of scalability and efficiency.
AEM, CKW, ewz, Groupe E, Primeo Energie, Romande Energie, sgsw and Swissgrid therefore launched «Phase B» of the project in the summer. The objective of this phase is to develop an advanced coordination mechanism and to design a market for transmission and distribution system services. The concept phase will be completed by the end of 2024. 

The number of flexible energy resources in the grid is increasing due to the energy transition. Their integration into grid management processes will expand the market for grid and ancillary services and support grid stability at all levels.




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