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ETG visits Swissgrid's Sils substation

On Friday, 4 September 2015, interested individuals visited Swissgrid's substation in Sils im Domleschg and Kraftwerke Hinterrhein AG (KHR) as part of a field trip organised by the Energietechnische Gesellschaft (ETG). During an approximately three-hour guided tour, they visited the Sils power plant operated by KHR, its control centre and Swissgrid's largest switching substation in Graubünden.

As part of the «ETG unterwegs» event series, a group of about 30 interested individuals from the Energietechnische Gesellschaft (ETG) visited Kraftwerke Hinterrhein AG (KHR) and the Swissgrid switching substation at Sils im Domleschg. With its Ferrara, Bärenburg and Sils power plants, KHR operates the largest power plant combination in Graubünden. With its 380- and 220-kV switching substations incl. transformation facility, Swissgrid's Sils substation is one of the largest of its kind in Switzerland and plays a vital role in the supply of Graubünden and the transfer of energy to Italy.




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