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ENTSO-E reports cyber intrusion into its office network

The European Network for Transmission System Operators - Electricity (ENTSO-E) has recently informed that it has found evidence of a successful cyber intrusion into its office network. Swissgrid is taking this incident very seriously. As operator of a critical infrastructure, Swissgrid is aware of the dangers of cyber-attacks and takes all necessary precautions to ensure the security of the systems for the secure operation of the Swiss transmission system. At present there are no indications that Swissgrid's systems have been or are being compromised.

Swissgrid is in contact with the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI). The Federal Council has commissioned this agency to protect critical infrastructures in Switzerland.

If you have any questions about this incident, please contact the ENTSO-E media office media@entsoe.eu.



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