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Gland (VD): Commissioning of the lines

On 11 August, Swissgrid completed the repair work of the Banlieue Ouest-Foretaille and Crans-Romanel 220 kV lines. It was possible to return them to service two weeks earlier than planned.

The maintenance work included dismantling the fallen pylon as well as assembling a new pylon and installing new insulators and conductors. The rapid completion of the work was made possible primarily thanks to the exceptional cooperation between all parties involved as well as the favourable weather in recent days.

The affected overhead line pylon near the municipality of Gland was brought down by unknown offenders on the morning of 26 June. No persons were injured. The two affected 220 kV lines, Banlieue Ouest-Foretaille and Crans-Romanel, had been out of service and earthed since the event. Grid stability was ensured at all times, and no disruptions of supply were reported in the transmission grid.



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