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Successful start to automated intraday allocation of capacity

Easier intraday trading at the Swiss–Austrian border

Swissgrid and the Austrian transmission system operator APG began the automated intraday allocation of capacity at the border between Switzerland and Austria at 10 pm on Wednesday, 23 September 2020. This provides Swiss and Austrian traders with considerably improved access to the intraday markets of the neighbouring country. .

The two transmission system operators are now making capacity available using an automated, explicit ‘first come, first served’ process. An explicit process means that traders have to purchase energy and transfer capacity separately of one another. With the introduction of this IT-based simplified procedure, the previous process of having to coordinate with APG by telephone is no longer necessary for traders at this border, thus simplifying the process.

This more efficient allocation of the cross-border volume of services is already being successfully implemented by Swissgrid at the borders with Germany and France. Through its commencement at the Austrian border, Swissgrid is helping to further increase the flexibility of Swiss traders and hence liquidity in the Swiss intraday market.



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