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Emergency synchronisation of the power systems in Ukraine and Moldova with Continental Europe successful

The transmission system operators of continental Europe have decided to synchronise the transmission systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the continental European power system. They are thus complying with the two countries' request for emergency synchronisation. On Wednesday, 16 March, the test operation for the synchronisation started. Since then, the Ukrainian and Moldovan electricity systems have been securely connected to the synchronous grid of continental Europe.

The connection of the Ukrainian grid to the continental European grid has been in preparation since 2017, with synchronisation originally scheduled for 2023. Shortly before the Russian invasion, Ukrenergo switched to island operation to test the necessary grid dynamic properties for synchronous operation with the synchronous grid of continental Europe. Clarifications have shown that an acceleration of the procedure is technically feasible, and that the secure and stable operation of the grid of continental Europe can be guaranteed with the appropriate measures. As a founding member of ENTSO-E, Swissgrid was in close contact with the European TSOs and ENTSO-E and worked intensively in various working groups and committees to find a solution.

Further information can also be found on the ENTSO-E website.





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