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Grid usage model for the Swiss transmission system

Updated version of central electrical industry document enters into force

The excellent collaboration between the technical experts from the electricity industry and Swissgrid was well worth the effort. The updated document has been approved by the Board of the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE) and will enter into force on 11 May 2022.

The «Grid Usage Model for the Swiss Transmission System» (NNMÜ – CH) is a central electrical industry document for which Swissgrid is responsible. It governs the commercial aspects relating to the usage of the transmission grid and forms the basis for calculating grid usage tariffs.

Since the last version of the NNMÜ – CH was published in 2013, enactments such as laws, ordinances, court decisions and ElCom directives have been adapted, along with subsidiary regulations and VSE electrical industry documents. The industry practice has also moved on, presenting the need for further clarification in certain places. In order to bring the NNMÜ – CH into line with these developments, it became necessary to undertake an overall revision of the document and update it. Swissgrid and representatives from the industry worked closely together to revise the document. For the first time, an Italian version is available in addition to the German and French versions. The NNMÜ – CH is aimed at all grid users directly connected to the transmission grid.



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