Procurement & Claim Management

It would be impossible to operate one of the world’s most reliable extra-high-voltage grids without reliable and innovative suppliers. That is why our specialists in market-based procurement pay particular attention to quality, reliability and economy. They produce reports and analyses of the goods and services procured and take an active part in development projects.

Procurement Manager Job Portrait

In my interface function, I see it as my task to reconcile all the needs and requirements that make up a procurement project.

Linda Peña, Head of Procurement Management Team

Linda Peña makes sure that procurement is conducted in accordance with public procurement legislation, that Swissgrid receives cost-effective offers and that the best solutions are found for the requirements in question. Linda’s area of responsibility covers service and IT purchases, such as software and hardware for grid operations, tools for cyber security, and support and development services. She assists the internal stakeholders from the moment a need arises through to the conclusion of the contract, including supervision of all processes. She remains consistently focused on quality at all times. To ensure that Swissgrid receives suitable offers, Linda analyses the market and detects any opportunities or risks.

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