System Operations

Our specialists in System Operations monitor the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid around the clock, making sure that electricity is reliably transported and distributed across all parts of the country. Should there be fluctuations or unscheduled loads on the grid, our operators are first in line. They troubleshoot the problem and resolve it in close collaboration with the grid control rooms in the surrounding countries. The operators are pros at mastering critical grid situations. They are the ones who ensure the constant stability and reliability of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid 24/7, making sure it is always available.

System Operator Job Portrait

It’s not just an office job, but rather a task that has visible consequences for the living standards of the Swiss people.

Thuy Trang Bach, Specialist System Operations

From the Swissgrid Control Center – our grid control room for the entire Swiss extra-high-voltage grid – Thuy Trang Bach continuously monitors the operation of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid along with at least two other operators working in shifts. Trang and her team-mates monitor frequency, load flows and voltage in real time and define the measures to be taken to prevent an overload of the equipment. Should the frequency tolerance threshold be exceeded, they intervene to correct it. Trang also shares responsibility for the coordination of national and international trading schedules, which represent the exchange of energy planned in advance.

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