«Higher risks than in other years»

ENTSO-E publishes its Winter Outlook

Author: Kaspar Haffner

The European Network of Transmission System Operators has published its Winter Outlook. In it, it assesses the electricity supply situation. This winter will be more critical than other winters before.All European transmission system operators are represented in ENTSO-E. Swissgrid is also a member of the association.

ENTSO-E published its Winter Outlook at the beginning of December, as it does every year. This report evaluates security of supply for the upcoming winter season across Europe.

This year’s report speaks of higher risks for this winter than in previous years. Problems have been identified in various countries. France is among them. In addition, the report states that the European electricity system is highly dependent on gas. According to ENTSO-E, favourable weather conditions could reduce dependency and hence risk.

Certain additional risks have been identified for the winter that could have a significant impact on the supply of electricity, especially if they coincide. Among these, ENTSO-E includes uncertainties regarding the availability of nuclear energy in France, Sweden and Finland, and of the coal supply in Germany and Poland. Developments will have to be closely monitored.

Countries in Europe, including Switzerland, have taken specific measures to prepare for winter. ENTSO-E describes these measures as an important factor in mitigating the risks.

Swissgrid is working closely with partners in Switzerland and abroad and doing everything it can to contribute to Switzerland’s secure and reliable supply of electricity. Ensuring secure grid operation is an absolute priority for Swissgrid.


Kaspar Haffner

Communication Manager

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