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Transparency in the field of sustainability

Swissgrid publishes its first Sustainability Report

Swissgrid is presenting its sustainability commitment for the 2022 financial year in the form of a report for the first time. This will allow the company to ensure full transparency about its activities and key figures in the field of sustainability with reference to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

In its first Sustainability Report, Swissgrid reports on 14 material topics from the 2022 financial year. The company identified these topics by conducting a materiality analysis in accordance with GRI Standard 3 (2021). In addition to established topics such as security of supply or occupational safety and health protection, material issues for sustainable development at Swissgrid also include areas where Swissgrid will strengthen its commitment in the future. Examples include biodiversity and environmental protection, as well as the circular economy, material efficiency and conservation of resources.

Sustainability as a strategic priority

Swissgrid has always taken a long-term and sustainable approach to its business activities, and is focusing on corporate social & environmental responsibility (CSER) as part of its Strategy 2027. Swissgrid understands this to mean fulfilling its mandate efficiently and adopting a responsible approach to society and the environment. In the current strategy period, the company is systematising its existing ecological, economic and social measures and developing them further throughout the company. This will enable Swissgrid to make a significant contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the 2030 climate targets and the implementation of the Confederation's Energy Strategy 2050. Regular reporting on Swissgrid’s sustainable development creates transparency about the progress being made.

The four principles that guide Swissgrid’s actions

In the area of CSER, Swissgrid is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is particularly committed to four areas of action: Purpose, People, Partnership and Planet. «Purpose» comprises topics that are essential for fulfilling Swissgrid’s core mandate and safeguarding the company’s economic performance in the long term, «People» sets out how Swissgrid assumes its social responsibility towards employees and service providers, «Partnership» forms the basis for successful cooperation between Swissgrid and its stakeholders, and «Planet» considers how Swissgrid assumes its responsibility towards the environment. Swissgrid’s Sustainability Report is structured around these four areas of action.




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