Electricity is always flowing and the energy sector is always active – 24/7, 365 days a year. New grid projects, exciting facts about electricity, digitalisation, innovations, the environment – we regularly publish informative articles on a wide range of topics. Always up-to-date, always with our finger on the pulse. Welcome to our blog!

  • Do electromagnetic fields affect our health?

    A technical report commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) on the electromagnetic fields generated by power technologies has recently been published.
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  • «As far as possible, energy should be produced where it is consumed.»

    If the switch to renewable energies is to succeed, there needs to be more electrification and networking of buildings and mobility both regionally and locally. A conversation with Dr Kristina Orehounig, Head of the Urban Energy Systems department at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa).
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  • «Price signals are probably the strongest argument.»

    Electricity no longer seems to be available as a matter of course. We need to change our behaviour in order to utilise this resource in a more sustainable way. A conversation with Dr Christian Berger, research associate at the University of Bern’s Institute for Organisation and Human Resource Management (IOP).
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  • Teaser image with key visual

    The grid must always be taken into account when installing a solar plant

    Large solar plants are to be built in the Swiss mountains by as early as 2025. This represents a challenge for grid operators: they have to implement the grid connections.
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  • A Swissgrid pylon at the Swiss Museum of Transport

    The new «Experience Energy!» exhibition was inaugurated at the Swiss Museum of Transport on 4 April 2023. Swissgrid features in it.
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  • We are all in the same boat

    In the first post in the blog series, we looked at the home of the future and saw an energy-optimised, networked work of art. For this vision to become reality, the infrastructure – i.e. the grid – must keep pace with digitalisation and the transformation of the energy system.
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  • Here comes the sun

    The expansion of domestic production capacity is essential in order to ensure a successful energy transition in Switzerland and to strengthen security of supply in the long term. This became even clearer in the light of the supply situation in the winter of 2022/2023.
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  • Data and art combined

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  • In the future, we will need less energy but more electricity.

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  • When lines freeze

    It’s not just people who can freeze, our lines can too. And they can even crack. This blog post explains what Swissgrid is doing about this and how it works.
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  • A robust voltage limit

    In the future, new decision support tools could help with the assessment of voltage stability by indicating potential courses of action. Katharina Kaiser devoted her Master’s thesis at ETH Zurich to the topic, with guidance from Swissgrid.
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  • Swissgrid augments its reality

    Swissgrid augments its reality

    Swissgrid is testing the use of augmented reality glasses for substation inspections in a pilot project with Rimon Technologies GmbH, an ETH spin-off. The initial results and feedback from employees and service providers are promising.
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