Electricity is always flowing and the energy sector is always active – 24/7, 365 days a year. New grid projects, exciting facts about electricity, digitalisation, innovations, the environment – we regularly publish informative articles on a wide range of topics. Always up-to-date, always with our finger on the pulse. Welcome to our blog!

  • Line engineers installing the «Rollenleine» system

    Greater safety and lower costs thanks to the «Rollenleine» technique

    For those unfamiliar with our line of work, it might seem quite abstract to imagine this process: How is a conductor lifted from the ground during installation?
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  • Without interrupting the transmission of electricity

    Since 5 November 2021, the electricity produced by the hydroelectric power plant in Fionnay in Valais has been transported via Swissgrid’s 220 kV Fionnay–Riddes overhead line.
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  • Swissgrid augments its reality

    Swissgrid augments its reality

    Swissgrid is testing the use of augmented reality glasses for substation inspections in a pilot project with Rimon Technologies GmbH, an ETH spin-off. The initial results and feedback from employees and service providers are promising.
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  • Swissgrid replaces a relic from the post-war period

    High above Rhäzüns, Swissgrid replaced the pylon of a 380-kilovolt line in a construction period lasting only two months.
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  • Working on live extra-high-voltage lines is possible

    All electricians will tell you that the first thing they learned at the start of their training is to make sure the power was off before working. Since 1 October 2020, this is no longer entirely correct in Switzerland.
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  • Safety is our top priority in everything we do

    Future Grid Maintenance Managers at Swissgrid have to complete a very demanding training programme. After all, they are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the lines and substations in their assigned area.
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  • From the screen to the forest

    Swissgrid has never before had access to such precise data on the lines. The entire Swiss transmission grid is recorded in this new digital 3D model.
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  • Mission: Beetle-infested wood

    Swissgrid foresters protect power lines, sometimes even the protection forests.
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  • Battling against the elements

    The Albula line maintenance took place under extremely difficult meteorological conditions.
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