Electricity is always flowing and the energy sector is always active – 24/7, 365 days a year. New grid projects, exciting facts about electricity, digitalisation, innovations, the environment – we regularly publish informative articles on a wide range of topics. Always up-to-date, always with our finger on the pulse. Welcome to our blog!

  • It’s all about the resistance

    The transition towards sustainable energy sources requires the extra-high-voltage grid to be upgraded and expanded to comply with the amount of electricity that will need to be transmitted in the future.
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  • «The systems and processes worked correctly»

    On 8 January 2021, a grid frequency deviation occurred in Europe. ENTSO-E published an intermediate report on the incident on 26 February. In an interview, Markus Imhof, Head of Balancing & Scheduling, explains the role that Swissgrid played in this event.
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  • A facelift for a pillar of the community

    Swissgrid and SiL have renovated their electrical facilities at the Romanel substation. The work has now been completed. Yves-André Bagnoud, Head of the Research & Project Office at Lausanne industrial Services (SiL), tells us about the history of this substation and its importance for SiL.
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  • From the Tube Map to a new Swiss grid map

    6,700 kilometres of lines, 12,000 pylons and 141 substations – the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid is a complex web. This becomes particularly apparent when it is to be represented graphically.
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  • Swissgrid replaces a relic from the post-war period

    High above Rhäzüns, Swissgrid replaced the pylon of a 380-kilovolt line in a construction period lasting only two months.
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  • Energy infrastructure: where and how much?

    The grid needs to be upgraded and expanded in line with demand to ensure the successful implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050. That much is clear. But grid projects often take longer than planned. Why is that?
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  • The mini-tunnel boring machine Giorgia gets started

    Giorgia, the mini-tunnel boring machine sporting the colors of Valais and of Switzerland, was recently lowered into the Verney shaft. Impressive pictures have been taken.
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  • Electricity flows over the Gotthard

    The importance of the Gotthard route applies not only to road traffic, but also to electricity transmission. Swissgrid's extra-high voltage line Mettlen – Airolo runs via the Gotthard Pass and is vital for north-south electricity transport.
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  • Working on live extra-high-voltage lines is possible

    All electricians will tell you that the first thing they learned at the start of their training is to make sure the power was off before working. Since 1 October 2020, this is no longer entirely correct in Switzerland.
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  • Safety is our top priority in everything we do

    Future Grid Maintenance Managers at Swissgrid have to complete a very demanding training programme. After all, they are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the lines and substations in their assigned area.
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  • A giant comes to Mühleberg

    A giant made of steel with 26 axles is crawling its way to Mühleberg: the entire load weighs 362 tons and is almost 75 metres long.
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  • We are learning from the supply disruption in Valais

    After the power failure in Valais, Swissgrid initiated some investigations. The incident was the result of a combination of technical and human factors. Swissgrid is learning from it and has taken appropriate action.
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