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  • Fionnay, Val de Bagnes, in the winter sun

    The Fionnay cave

    The Swissgrid substation at Fionnay GD in the Valais, which is located in a mountain cave, has been renovated. This is where the energy generated by the Fionnay / Grande Dixence power plant is fed into the electricity transmission system.
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  • We are all in the same boat

    In the first post in the blog series, we looked at the home of the future and saw an energy-optimised, networked work of art. For this vision to become reality, the infrastructure – i.e. the grid – must keep pace with digitalisation and the transformation of the energy system.
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  • Here comes the sun

    The expansion of domestic production capacity is essential in order to ensure a successful energy transition in Switzerland and to strengthen security of supply in the long term. This became even clearer in the light of the supply situation in the winter of 2022/2023.
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  • Smart grids are part of the energy future

    In the future, the grid will also be a data highway – and our home will be an energy-optimised, networked work of art. There are a number of challenges to overcome along the way. The electricity grid operators are working closely together to meet these challenges. After all, there is only one grid in Switzerland, and millions of people rely on it every day.
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  • Power shortages vs. power system failures

    Power shortage and power system failure are two terms that are often confused. But they do not mean the same thing. In the event of a power system failure, there is enough energy in the system in principle. However, a chain of unfortunate circumstances leads to a power failure. In a power shortage, on the other hand, production capacity is insufficient to meet demand.
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  • A hot topic

    In Switzerland, a heat wave has no significant impact on the management of the extra-high-voltage grid.
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  • Soil remediation in the Uri valley floor to benefit agriculture and the environment

    Soil remediation in the Uri valley floor to benefit agriculture and the environment

    Cows now graze on lush, green grass in meadows where pylons once stood. Before the areas in the Uri valley floor were approved for normal use, Swissgrid carried out extensive soil remediation at the former pylon sites.
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  • In the future, we will need less energy but more electricity.

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  • For a secure supply of energy in the Upper Valais

    Swissgrid is modernising the extra-high-voltage grid in the Upper Valais for future operation at a voltage of 380 kilovolts.
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  • Birds move to the extra-high-voltage grid

    Nesting boxes for jackdaw colonies have been installed on pylons of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid in Weinfelden and in the Saint-Triphon region. In other parts of Switzerland, too, electricity pylons provide a home for endangered bird species.
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  • Six cable heads

    Out in the open

    The assembly of the cable connection gantry for the La Bâtiaz – Le Verney underground link and the replacement of pylon 51 on the Chamoson – Romanel 380 kV overhead line are under way at the Verney construction site in Martigny. These two elements are essential for connecting the underground link to the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid. The underground cable link is scheduled to be commissioned in spring 2022.
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  • When lines freeze

    It’s not just people who can freeze, our lines can too. And they can even crack. This blog post explains what Swissgrid is doing about this and how it works.
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