Electricity is always flowing and the energy sector is always active – 24/7, 365 days a year. New grid projects, exciting facts about electricity, digitalisation, innovations, the environment – we regularly publish informative articles on a wide range of topics. Always up-to-date, always with our finger on the pulse. Welcome to our blog!

  • How do substations and transformers work?

    In the new brochure “Substations and Transformers – Important Elements in the Transmission Grid”, we describe the role of switchgear and transformers in the transmission grid in simplified terms.
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  • Switzerland and the 70% rule

    EU transmission system operators have had to implement the 70% rule since 1 January 2020, with a transition period until the end of 2025. The impact of this rule on Switzerland is not easy to explain. We’ll try all the same.
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  • View of the underground gallery.

    It all comes down to temperature

    Cable laying for the underground link between La Bâtiaz and Le Verney in Martigny is currently under way. Delivery of the twelve cable reels has been taking place in stages since the beginning of December, as the cables need to be warmed up before being installed in the gallery. The underground cable link is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of March 2022.
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  • Without interrupting the transmission of electricity

    Since 5 November 2021, the electricity produced by the hydroelectric power plant in Fionnay in Valais has been transported via Swissgrid’s 220 kV Fionnay–Riddes overhead line.
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  • Habitat under extra-high-voltage masts

    Thanks to the initiative by naturschutzlösungen and Pro Natura, a new habitat is being created for yellow-bellied toads — under Swissgrid extra-high-voltage masts, of all places.
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  • Located in the heart of Europe

    Security of supply: solutions needed now

    At a technical level, Swissgrid is doing everything needed to maintain secure system operation. However, private-law agreements between transmission system operators are not an adequate substitute for an electricity agreement in the long term. Swissgrid is reaching the limits of possible solutions at a technical level.
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  • Safety is the top priority

    In a three-part blog series, we explain how Swissgrid creates resilience in the transmission grid in the areas of installations, operation and supply as well as in relation to the human factor. The first part of this series is dedicated to installations and operation.
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  • New foundations exactly along the line

    When an ultra-high-voltage line has to adapt to the local terrain

    Most ultra-high-voltage lines in Switzerland are situated in zones with natural hazards that are often difficult to avoid.
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  • Energy infrastructure: where and how much?

    The grid needs to be upgraded and expanded in line with demand to ensure the successful implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050. That much is clear. But grid projects often take longer than planned. Why is that?
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  • Working on live extra-high-voltage lines is possible

    All electricians will tell you that the first thing they learned at the start of their training is to make sure the power was off before working. Since 1 October 2020, this is no longer entirely correct in Switzerland.
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  • We are learning from the supply disruption in Valais

    After the power failure in Valais, Swissgrid initiated some investigations. The incident was the result of a combination of technical and human factors. Swissgrid is learning from it and has taken appropriate action.
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  • Powerline construction: Various factors influence de costs

    Electricity is an omnipresent part of our life that we often take for granted. Without it, our social and economic life would cease to function. As the backbone of the Swiss electricity supply, the transmission grid plays a critical role in ensuring the security of supply.
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