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  • Fionnay, Val de Bagnes, in the winter sun

    The Fionnay cave

    The Swissgrid substation at Fionnay GD in the Valais, which is located in a mountain cave, has been renovated. This is where the energy generated by the Fionnay / Grande Dixence power plant is fed into the electricity transmission system.
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  • We are all in the same boat

    In the first post in the blog series, we looked at the home of the future and saw an energy-optimised, networked work of art. For this vision to become reality, the infrastructure – i.e. the grid – must keep pace with digitalisation and the transformation of the energy system.
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  • Equigy – the project of the future

    How the power market will become equally accessible to all with one platform.
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  • Here comes the sun

    The expansion of domestic production capacity is essential in order to ensure a successful energy transition in Switzerland and to strengthen security of supply in the long term. This became even clearer in the light of the supply situation in the winter of 2022/2023.
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  • How are Swissgrid tariffs passed on?

    In an interview, Claus Reifferscheidt, Tariff Management Specialist at ewz, explains how Swissgrid tariffs are passed on to the lower grid levels. Among other things, we find out why high- or medium-voltage customers pay more than low-voltage and domestic customers.
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  • The development of Swissgrid tariffs

    Since its foundation in 2009, Swissgrid has been publishing its tariffs for the coming year in March of each year. Sometimes they were lower than in the previous year, and sometimes they increased from one year to the next. Andreas Schreiber, Head of Economics & Contracts at Swissgrid, explains in an interview which tariffs fluctuated particularly strongly, which remained fairly constant, and how to explain these developments.
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  • Swissgrid’s share of the electricity bill

    During the first quarter, the final electricity bill for the past year drops through letterboxes across Switzerland. It then becomes clear how much electricity was actually consumed and what costs are incurred as a result.
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  • Regulatory business model

    A business model like no other

    As the owner and operator of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid, Swissgrid has a unique business model. As this is a critical infrastructure, the legislator has defined a clear legal mandate and designed a legal monopoly. This is the best way for Swissgrid to fulfil its main task: maintaining Switzerland’s grid-related security of supply.
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  • Ant hill

    Greater security of supply at the expense of the environment?

    Swissgrid commissioned the new 380-kilovolt line from Pradella to La Punt on 11 November 2022. This line is essential for the transfer of electricity and for security of supply in the Engadin and the canton of Graubünden as a whole. However, interference in nature was necessary for the construction of the line. Swissgrid sees protecting the environment as part of its mandate. Read the article to find out how we assumed our responsibility in this project.
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  • A new life for an insulator

    A new life for an insulator

    Olivier Poncioni has been collecting old electrical equipment since childhood. An insulator from the 50's of the old extra-high-voltage line Chamoson – Chippis has now joined his collection.
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  • Mühleberg substation

    Environmental protection in Swissgrid construction projects

    Whenever we talk about extra-high-voltage lines, their impact on the landscape and nature soon becomes part of the discussion. Is the environment really forgotten about in grid projects? First of all, it is important to stress that Swissgrid is aware of its role as the national grid company and assumes its responsibility towards people and the environment.
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  • Smart grids are part of the energy future

    In the future, the grid will also be a data highway – and our home will be an energy-optimised, networked work of art. There are a number of challenges to overcome along the way. The electricity grid operators are working closely together to meet these challenges. After all, there is only one grid in Switzerland, and millions of people rely on it every day.
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