• Battery storage in the basement helps to stabilise the transmission grid

    Battery storage in the basement helps to stabilise the transmission grid.
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  • COVID-19 and Swissgrid: Good preparation pays off

    A problem with this supply would make the already challenging situation even more difficult.
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  • Mühleberg goes offline

    On 20 December, BKW will shut down the Mühleberg nuclear power plant. Forever. The power plant will be switched off and dismantled. This will result in the loss of around 370 megawatts in electricity production in the Bern region.
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  • From the screen to the forest

    Swissgrid has never before had access to such precise data on the lines. The entire Swiss transmission grid is recorded in this new digital 3D model.
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  • Mission: Beetle-infested wood

    Swissgrid foresters protect power lines, sometimes even the protection forests.
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  • Artificial intelligence in the electricity grid

    It takes more than just physical infrastructure to transport energy. The cognitive skills of humans are what make a continuous flow of electricity possible.
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  • The human brain – an incomparable network

    Interview with Professor Dr Lutz Jäncke, Chair of Neuropsychology at the University of Zurich.
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  • Battling against the elements

    The Albula line maintenance took place under extremely difficult meteorological conditions.
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