Electricity is always flowing and the energy sector is always active – 24/7, 365 days a year. New grid projects, exciting facts about electricity, digitalisation, innovations, the environment – we regularly publish informative articles on a wide range of topics. Always up-to-date, always with our finger on the pulse. Welcome to our blog!

  • In the future, we will need less energy but more electricity.

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  • For a secure supply of energy in the Upper Valais

    Swissgrid is modernising the extra-high-voltage grid in the Upper Valais for future operation at a voltage of 380 kilovolts.
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  • Birds move to the extra-high-voltage grid

    Nesting boxes for jackdaw colonies have been installed on pylons of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid in Weinfelden and in the Saint-Triphon region. In other parts of Switzerland, too, electricity pylons provide a home for endangered bird species.
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  • A business model like no other

    While Swissgrid is a public limited company, its business model is completely different to those of other companies.
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  • Six cable heads

    Out in the open

    The assembly of the cable connection gantry for the La Bâtiaz – Le Verney underground link and the replacement of pylon 51 on the Chamoson – Romanel 380 kV overhead line are under way at the Verney construction site in Martigny. These two elements are essential for connecting the underground link to the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid. The underground cable link is scheduled to be commissioned in spring 2022.
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  • The background to high electricity prices

    Electricity prices began to rise dramatically last summer, reaching record high levels by the end of 2021. The reasons lie in the European energy markets. There is currently no relief in sight.
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  • When lines freeze

    It’s not just people who can freeze, our lines can too. And they can even crack. This blog post explains what Swissgrid is doing about this and how it works.
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  • Mouse hunting

    In Sils substation, weasels are helping Swissgrid to keep the mouse population under control. But Swissgrid is also offering the endangered species a new and valuable habitat.
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  • How do substations and transformers work?

    In the new brochure “Substations and Transformers – Important Elements in the Transmission Grid”, we describe the role of switchgear and transformers in the transmission grid in simplified terms.
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  • Switzerland and the 70% rule

    EU transmission system operators have had to implement the 70% rule since 1 January 2020, with a transition period until the end of 2025. The impact of this rule on Switzerland is not easy to explain. We’ll try all the same.
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  • A robust voltage limit

    In the future, new decision support tools could help with the assessment of voltage stability by indicating potential courses of action. Katharina Kaiser devoted her Master’s thesis at ETH Zurich to the topic, with guidance from Swissgrid.
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  • View of the underground gallery.

    It all comes down to temperature

    Cable laying for the underground link between La Bâtiaz and Le Verney in Martigny is currently under way. Delivery of the twelve cable reels has been taking place in stages since the beginning of December, as the cables need to be warmed up before being installed in the gallery. The underground cable link is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of March 2022.
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