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  • A new life for an insulator

    A new life for an insulator

    Olivier Poncioni has been collecting old electrical equipment since childhood. An insulator from the 50's of the old extra-high-voltage line Chamoson – Chippis has now joined his collection.
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  • Mühleberg substation

    Environmental protection in Swissgrid construction projects

    Whenever we talk about extra-high-voltage lines, their impact on the landscape and nature soon becomes part of the discussion. Is the environment really forgotten about in grid projects? First of all, it is important to stress that Swissgrid is aware of its role as the national grid company and assumes its responsibility towards people and the environment.
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  • Smart grids are part of the energy future

    In the future, the grid will also be a data highway – and our home will be an energy-optimised, networked work of art. There are a number of challenges to overcome along the way. The electricity grid operators are working closely together to meet these challenges. After all, there is only one grid in Switzerland, and millions of people rely on it every day.
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  • Several conductors are often used per phase to reduce noise.

    When lines crackle and hum

    The weather has an influence on the noise under extra-high-voltage lines. But why do you only hear these noises at certain times, and why are they not always equally loud?
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  • «Higher risks than in other years»

    The European Network of Transmission System Operators has published its Winter Outlook. In it, it assesses the electricity supply situation. This winter will be more critical than other winters before.
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  • Data and art combined

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  • Construction site before crossing the Borgne River with a magnificent view, Bramois 2018

    Chamoson – Chippis, a long story

    The commissioning of the Chamoson – Chippis line in the Valais is a milestone in the longest-running EHV line project in Swissgrid’s history. The project started 36 years ago.
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  • Basketball and the continental European interconnected grid

    Although the situation for the coming winter is tense, and it is not clear whether the usual imports from neighbouring countries will be possible, the importance of an electricity agreement with the EU remains undisputed. There are several reasons for this.
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  • An electric atmosphere at the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2022

    A certain number of safety regulations must be observed at events near extra-high-voltage lines.
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  • «An electricity agreement with the EU has to remain the goal»

    The Swiss transmission grid cannot be viewed in isolation; it is firmly integrated into the European interconnected grid. But the established cooperation is at risk. An interview with Andrea Mäder, Head of Public Affairs, about the challenges facing Swissgrid at the heart of Europe.
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  • How little flying helpers simplify line maintenance

    Drones are used for many things nowadays, and they also have great potential at Swissgrid. Their use in line inspections was tested in a pilot project.
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  • Power shortages vs. power system failures

    Power shortage and power system failure are two terms that are often confused. But they do not mean the same thing. In the event of a power system failure, there is enough energy in the system in principle. However, a chain of unfortunate circumstances leads to a power failure. In a power shortage, on the other hand, production capacity is insufficient to meet demand.
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